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Declutter your home

By Tanya Chapman

Even though we are heading toward the cooler months, it’s not too late – or early to start with the spring cleaning. Here are some little tips to help you declutter and organise your home.  You may be surprise at how good you feel when it’s done

Get Rid Of the Rubbish
The first and most simplest of ways to declutter your home is to just throw away any rubbish lying around (actual rubbish, not things you think are rubbish). Anything you’ve stuck away in a cupboard that needs a repair, anything that doesn’t work properly … ditch the junk! This then allows you to see the true extent of your clutter problem.

Mobilise The Troops
Unless you live alone, decluttering is a house/family responsibility. Decluttering is easy when everyone mucks in. Communicate with the people you live with. Try to organise a house meeting in each room and go through things that everyone agrees can be thrown away.

The First 5 Minutes Rule
To start off, allow yourself only five minutes to begin decluttering your house. Time yourself, and see how much you can get done in just five minutes, then increase the time based on your progress achieved. This is a great way to declutter but even more so, a way to motivate yourself, when you see just how much you can achieve.

Box It
One of the most practical ways to declutter is to grab a box and go around each and every room. Search for things that should belong to only one place. For example, collect any scattered DVDs, games or books in the box and put them back where they belong.

Tame It
Clear out cupboard or storage space. This is one of the most effective ways to declutter your home that only takes some time, effort, and a hardened heart. You may be keeping a pile of clothes, toys or nick-knacks due to sentimental or nostalgic reasons. Find anything that you sincerely don’t need or don’t want and just chuck them away, or better yet donate them to a local charity. Don’t forget recycling too. Recycling is not only a terrific way to get rid of clutter but you’re helping the planet too. You’ll find that you will gain lots of storage space to fill up again with any clutter that’s been lying around on the floor or on shelves.

File It
Despite the predictions, we still live far from what is a paperless society. Paper soon piles up and is easily scattered and rarely looks tidy. Having a filing system, even if it’s just a lidded cardboard box, will help you declutter.

Ban It
Create ‘clutter-free’ zones. This can be the dining table or kitchen counter: a place where nothing but practical things may sit on it, and even then it should only be temporary. House keys, car keys, homework, cell phones – none of these are allowed in clutter free zones – but make sure you have somewhere for them.

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