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Scenic Walks

Bens Walk Nowra

Suspension Bridge, Ben’s Walk, Nowra.

During the Great Depression around the 1930’s, there were a number of homeless living in caves below the escarpment at Nowra Creek. Mr Ben Walsh came up with the idea of employing the men as labourers, assisting him to build a walk to link the Showgrounds above the escarpment to West Nowra.

Affectionately named Ben’s Walk, the leisurely stroll totals 5.5km starting at the Showgrounds and ending at West Nowra. A shorter return walk taking approximately 20 minutes to complete commences at the Showgrounds just near ‘Hanging Rock’ and returns at the footbridge that spans the Nowra Creek. Both options provide stunning vistas of the Shoalhaven River and Nowra Creek, with superb views of the golf course and mountain scenery able to be enjoyed from vantage points along the way. A suspension bridge has been constructed crossing Nowra Creek and providing access to Depot Farm Recreation Reserve, the perfect spot for a picnic.

Bomaderry Creek Walking Track

This scenic walking track is one of a network of tracks established by the Crown Lands Office throughout New South Wales.

Access to the principal track head is via Narang Road in Bomaderry, there are a small number of parking spaces at the track head but extra spaces are available at the Bomaderry Tennis Courts 50 metres away.

The route of the track follows Bomaderry Creek which has carved a course through sandstone forming impressive cliffs, rock walls, overhangs and caves. Commencing at the Weir/Narang Road track head there is a choice of walks available;

  • A 5.5km return walk along the eastern and western tracks taking about 3 hours.
  • A 1.4km return walk along the western track to Rock Crossing, returning to the track head via Mossy Gully, taking about 1 hour.The walk is mostly flat with a few steps and one vertical ladder approximately 1.5 metres high to provide access over a large rock formation. A detailed map of the walk, picnic and barbeque facilities are available at the Weir track head. The water in Bomaderry Creek is not suitable for drinking so carry your own drinking water.

The Grotto North Nowra

This is a beautiful walk with steep entrances and exits zigzagging down 45 metres from the cliff tops to the banks of the Shoalhaven River.

Drive from Nowra via Illaroo Road, McMahons Road, Hanson’s Road, Gunyuma Crescent and Yurunga Drive. Just past Kareela Crescent around the bend you will find a spot to park 3 or 4 cars off the road. There is a Danger sign there warning about the cliff tops in the vicinity.You will see 2 signs, to the Lookout and The Grotto. Firstly, go to the lookout and see a magnificent view of the river, the golf course and Nowra district through the tree-tops. Now take the right track to The Grotto. Another track to the right is where you will come out at the finish of the walk. Keep left and zigzag down a steep set of rocky steps almost to the river level. Go right, as the way to the left goes to a gate for the Nowra Golf Course. Take great care with children on the walk down.

Along the usually mown grass at the bottom is the site of an old farm built in the 1920′s, and orchard, some of the trees from the orchard are still there today. This is a great place for a picnic. Continue a short distance till you find the other set of zigzag steps leading up to a 7 or 8 minute climb to the top.


Fleet Air Arm Museum

Fleet Air Arm Museum, HMAS Albatross, Nowra.

The Royal Australian Navy invites you, your family and friends to visit the Fleet Air Arm Museum at HMAS Albatross Nowra. Explore and experience the story of naval aviation from its beginnings to the present day.

The current exhibition “Wings over Water” tells the story of naval aviation in Australia, with aircraft from the 20th Century, ranging from a World War One Sopwith Pup to an A4 Skyhawk jet fighter. The exhibition also includes examples of allied and foreign aircraft, like the MiG-17 fighter. Showcases and audio visual displays add to the stories of these aircraft and those who flew and fixed them.

Individual displays include the US 135th Assault Helicopter that incorporated the RAN Helicopter Flight-Vietnam and a special exhibit on Admiral Sir Victor Smith. The Museum’s flight simulator provides a ‘virtual experience’, for all ages, on what it is like in the pilot’s seat.

Meroogal House

Meroogal House, Nowra.

For a fascinating view of life of the settlers can be experienced by visiting Meroogal, run by the Historical Houses Trust of NSW. A family of women lived here for four generations.The house is known for its architecture and gardens, but the women that lived here have left their mark. Exploring the layers of time from the domestic duties they performed, to the pursuit of their many and varied interests through the years by the successive generations, the house is well worthy of a visit.

A few blocks from the town centre of Nowra on NSW’s south coast, Meroogal is a rare and precious gem. Barely changed since it was built in the 1880s, the distinctive ‘Carpenter Gothic’ house has been loved and maintained by four generations of Thorburn and MacGregor women through the pleasures and labours of daily life. The house still overflows with their belongings – favourite books and ornaments, furniture, photographs, diaries and journals, newspaper clippings, receipts and recipes, appliances and clothes – and the garden, although reduced from its original size, still provides fruits and fresh produce that hint at their self-sufficiency and hospitality. Meroogal invites us into their lives, and through their private histories draws us into a shared and living past.

Recreational Activities

FlipOut Trampoline Area Nowra

Flip Out is Australia’s first and largest Australian owned trampoline arena. Flip Out is the new way to be active, become fit and much more fun than traditional exercise! Flip Out is an attraction for kids, teens and adults alike. It provides a fun place out of harms way. Everyone can learn and show off.

Located 5 Tom Thumb Avenue South Nowra New South Wales 2541

Shoalhaven City Lanes – Ten Pin Bowling

Shoalhaven City Lanes is the local ten pin bowling attraction including fun filled special events and cosmic bowling every Friday and Saturday evening from 8pm. Experience some great family time, hang out with friends or throw a party. There’s fun to be had by all

Located Narang Road Bomaderry