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5 fun Christmas crafts for kids

By Tanya Chapman

Christmas is a great excuse to knock up some crafty creations that will brighten up your home and make you feel very “Christmassy.” No need to go to the shops this Christmas, just get the kids together around the dining table with some glue, scissors and coloured paper and make your own Christmas decorations.

1. Christmas lanterns

Talk about a conversation starter over the Christmas lunch table. These are made out of toilet rolls. This is toilet roll craft at its Christmassy finest by crafty creative Belinda Graham.

2. Construction paper Christmas wreath

This simple construction paper idea is a crafty take on the fancy store-bought ones that will brighten up your front door in a homey “my kids made it” sort of way.

3. Standing Christmas star

This is a simple but effective way to dress up your lunch table on Christmas day. Let the kids make as many as they want and put them all round the house for Christmas cheer.

4. Pipe cleaner trees

Pipe cleaner craft is right up there with toilet roll craft. These cute little coil trees make a fun table centrepiece or just a window sill decoration to add some Christmas colour to your house.

5. Paddle Pop stick Christmas wreath

Fancy making something out of popsicle sticks and putting it on your wall? Crafty guru Belinda Graham sure knows how to make a Paddle Pop stick stylish. Watch the how-to video to find out how to do it.

Click here for detailed instructions

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