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4 tasks first home buyers need to remember

By Tanya Chapman

If you’re buying your first piece of real estate in Australia, then there is no doubt you’ll be excited. You are about to embark on a long, fruitful journey of home ownership that will sustain your family for years to come. You’ve done the inspections, and made the offer, and finally acquired the house of your dreams – but there is still a lot of ongoing maintenance that you have to take care of. Here are some areas that will require your attention in the long term.

Don’t get up to your ears in hot water

If your home has a hot water cupboard, this should be checked up when you move in an once a year after that. Check there is no leakage, and that grime hasn’t entered any waterways. This one may require the help of a professional, but they are available you’ll find one who’s available at the click of a button!

No pane, no gain

Check all the windows in the house closely for loose fittings or small cracks. A lot of heat can be lost from your home through these, so it’s important to have them strong and ready for cold months. Pick up some caulk to fix loose areas, or call a repairman if you want a sturdier new window pane. It’s a good idea to check these each spring, to see if moisture affected the frames at all.

Deck it out

Are your outdoor wooden surfaces sealed? Try pouring a glass of water on them – if it starts to form in beady droplets on top, you’re in the clear as your deck is rejecting the water. But if it spreads through, you may need to reseal the area to prevent moisture damage and rot. Decks generally do not need to be replaced for a few years at least, so this one may be a long-term project.

Get your mind out of the gutter

Give your gutters a once-over each spring or summer. This will prevent any blockage from leaves and debris, which can cause water to back up and leak. While you’re up there, why not consider touching up the outdoor paint? The house will look fresh and it can provide a great weatherproofing layer for your home.

When a job doesn’t have to be done often, it is easy to forget about it, or put it off until much later. But by staying on top of these areas, your experience as a first home owner will be a glorious one.

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