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How do you determine the rental value of my property?

A professional Property Manager will provide advice by taking into account recent comparable rentals, time of year and property condition. Striking the right balance with marketing and the correct rental is critical to limiting vacancy periods.

Do I need landlord insurance?

We strongly recommend all landlords take out landlord insurance, in addition to building insurance.

Do I still pay management fees while my property is vacant? 

No, you pay management fees on the rent collected.

How do you check references? 

There are a number of key checks and screening processes we undertake prior to a prospective tenant being accepted for your investment property.

Check tenancy information databases (TICA), Job references, Payslips to ensure a tenant can afford the rent (ensuring rent is not more than 30% of their income), Previous rental references, Collect 100 points of ID.

The applicant’s information is then discussed with you as the landlord for the final decision on whether they are approved as tenants for your property.

What happens if a tenant does not pay rent on time? 

Our Property Managers work with both tenant and landlord to ascertain why the rent is late and if it can be paid. If the tenants reason is genuine then we can a arrange a suitable payment plan. If after 14 days the landlord is not satisfied then we can serve the tenant a 14 day termination notice in compliance with NSW Fair Trading.

Can you guarantee there will be no disputes over damage or loss of rent? 

Unfortunately, no matter how strict the screening process, no agent can guarantee this. Life circumstances can change such as loss of employment or marriage break ups which in tum can affect a tenant’s ability to pay rent. To reduce the possibility of this happening our Property Managers conduct regular Routine Inspections. Through good communication with both landlords and tenants, we are able to keep possible disputes to a minimum.

Do you pay me if the tenant does not pay rent? 

No, unfortunately if the tenant does not pay rent you will not receive funds to your account until they do.

How and when will I receive the rent money? 

Rent money is deposited electronically into your nominated bank account. We endeavour to pay our landlords weekly however if you would like to receive it monthly we can arrange it for you.

Can I specify whether pets are allowed at the property? 

Yes. You can specify in advertising that a property does not allow pets and this will be included in the lease agreement. Sometimes it is advisable to advertise “pets on application” that way we can assess what type of pets the applicant has before you decide.

How are repairs and maintenance handled? 

On advice from you we can set an expenditure limit so small repairs can be carried out without disturbing you each time. Any major repairs are discussed with you however urgent repairs such as burst water services and no power will be acted on instantly whether or not your property manager has been able to reach you or not.